Kelly Bowers is a writer, educator, and licensed massage therapist living and working in Washington DC.

Kelly welcomes you to come as you are in your body, your life, or in your growth as a business person. Everyone is welcome.

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Just living, working, and enjoying your life can bring you aches, pain, and soreness. Kelly can help relieve or reduce the pain and discomfort you might be feeling. Tight shoulders, stiff necks, aching backs, creaky knees, tired feet. Life is better when we can move through it with more ease and comfort.

When you are experiencing stress, anger, grief, frustration, panic, etc. it can be difficult to eat, think straight, sleep, interact with people, or even think well of yourself. Kelly can help you turn down the volume in your nervous system and get back to center, calmness, and clear-headedness.

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Business Education 

Kelly helps small healing arts business owners, especially massage therapists, figure out how to run their businesses their way. She offers workshops, books, and a weekly blog that explains the nuts and bolts of business in a very down-to-earth and practical way. She helps you find your own wisdom and smarts so you can run the business you dream of.

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Massage For Your World

A blog for massage therapy clients

In her blog, Kelly reflects on the joys and challenges of living in physical bodies in a physical world. Follow along to benefit from the information and reflections she shares and to receive the most up-to-date information about Kelly's practice.

From a recent blog post: 

Ankles, knees, elbows, wrists. Sometimes your joints get inflamed and hot to the touch. It can be from overuse, injury, or a stagnant lymphatic system. If you can get the fluid moved off the joint, the swelling will usually go down, as will the heat.

You and your joint are happy.

It won’t always be a permanent fix – that depends on why the joint got inflamed – but even a temporary reduction in swelling and heat can bring some relief.

How do I help reduce the swelling and heat in your abused joints? Manual lymph drainage. It’s gentle, easy, and very effective....

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The best way to reach Kelly is by email. You can also phone her. Please be patient, it may take 24 hours for her to return a phone call. You can schedule a massage directly by clicking on the Schedule Now button.

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