About Kelly Bowers

Kelly writes and teaches about the business of massage. She is also a licensed massage therapist. 

She makes the basics of business accessible and clear to non-business people. (She calls them accidental business owners.) She has written three books and teaches business courses across the country.

As a writer and educator, she draws on her previous career as a professional explainer (technical writer) to give students and readers the basic education in business they need to do what they must in language they understand. Her classes and books are fun, focused on specific skills, and taught in student-friendly language.

As a massage therapist she knows that you -- and your body -- are always doing the best you can with the resources you have. It's not always convenient but your body is always working towards balance and optimal functioning. 

She specializes in surgery support (before and after), scar release, TMJ disorders, and reducing bruising, swelling, and systemic inflammation. She uses a combination of manual lymph drainage, scar release, and myofascial release to accomplish these special goals.

She has been a massage therapist since 2000. She has been writing, speaking, and teaching about business basics since 2003. 

Why do people choose to work with Kelly?

Classes and Books

  • She is patient and funny.
  • She explains things in language you can understand, translating "technical" language into your language.
  • She deals with one topic at a time and focuses on giving you enough information to make intelligent business decisions.
  • Where it's appropriate, she simplifies, simplifies, simplifies!
  • She is sympathetic to the discomfort many in the healing arts have around business and money. She is always working to integrate a head for business and a heart for healing.


  • She listens well to you and to your body. She always takes the time to find out what you need today.
  • Every massage is specific to you. You don’t need to know in advance what type of massage or massage modality will best suit you. That is her job. You tell her what you want out of your session and she will combine all of her training and expertise to serve your goals.
  • She respects the challenges of living with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis, etc. She has no magic cures but she will work hard to help you live well within your reality.
  • She thinks your body -- yes, yours -- is an amazing piece of work and worthy of her care and respect.
  • She does superb feet work!


    Kelly is most passionate about her guiding principle: Come As You Are. She respects all bodies and business owners (even reluctant ones) in whatever shape they are, whatever condition they’re living with, and whatever reality they inhabit. 

    She believes that every business owner gets to run their business in a way that works for them. When you are a one-person operation (as many of us are) your business has to work for the skills and goals you have. It has to support you and make you happy too.

    You also get to set the rules for your massage session, your body, and your life because you are the only one living it. Kelly will never harangue you about how much water you drink, how much stretching you do, what you weigh, your life choices and truths, or your exercise habits. 


    Kelly received her initial massage education at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington DC. She is certified in manual lymph drainage, myofascial therapy, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, and Swedish and deep tissue massage. She has received additional training in scar release, TMJ discorders, massage cupping, and energetic healing. She is licensed in North Carolina (LMBT 16669).

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