Teaching Healers

In addition to providing massage therapy, Kelly is the owner of The Healing Core, a company dedicated to sharing pragmatic information about the basics of running a small business. She provides education through live classes and books.

She translates the language and concepts of business into language you understand. Her classes are focused on a specific skill or type of knowledge. Her classes routinely receive excellent reviews from her students.

Kelly was drawn to this work out of frustration -- the frustration of too many massage therapists not able to have the massage practice they want because they don’t understand business. For Kelly, it’s all about helping massage therapists take care of their business and their greatest business asset: themselves.


You don't have to wait for a live class to take advantage of what Kelly has to offer. She has published six e-books (and is working on a print book) about the business of massage. (She also writes about travel, probably her second greatest passion.)

Have Hands Will Travel

A blog for health & wellness professionals

From taxes to personal health, Kelly writes about the business of being a massage therapist. Follow along to read her insights and learn about upcoming workshops and professional development opportunities.

From a recent blog post:

Listen, customize, adapt, mark progress and be present. We bring value to our clients when we deliver results (a change in their body). We help them feel like they’re truly getting their money’s worth when go beyond that to add these other 5 elements.

If you’re getting a lot of pushback about your prices, ask yourself honestly if you’re doing all of these things. Is there any place in your practice that you can go even deeper into these vital skills?

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Would you like to offer a workshop in your school, professional association, or just in your area? Contact Kelly directly to talk about how to make that happen.